Tutoring Information

Walk-in tutoring is available Monday through Friday from 7:50 - 8:25 AM.


Natalie Preston
Counselor, 6th Grade 

(512) 414-4498

Laura Rotondo
Counselor, 7th Grade 

(512) 414-4497

Judith Berrean
Counselor, 8th Grade 

(512) 414-4496

Starlet McWilliams
SEL Counselor 


Guidance services are available for every student in the school.  The services include help with school planning, interpretation of test scores, career and occupational information, group guidance, study organization, help with home, school, and/or social concerns or any questions the student may feel he/she would like to discuss with the counselor.  If a student needs to meet with a counselor, the student may ask a teacher for permission to go to the counselor.  If a student needs to see a counselor immediately, the student should tell the teacher that the request is an emergency.