Be Safe.

Be Courteous.

Be Patient.

  • All pedestrians and bike riders use the crosswalks or cross at intersections only.
  • Motor vehicles use the three designated student drop-off/pick-up locations:
    • in front of the main school entrance (pull up next to the curb that is adjacent to the school);
    • the gym parking lot; and
    • the faculty parking lot.
  • For drop-off, pull up to the curb, stop, let the passenger out of the car, and drive on.
  • If you are there to pick up a passenger, pull up to the curb, remain with your vehicle, and leave as soon as the passenger gets into the car and latches their seatbelt.
  • Never stop in the traffic lane to drop-off or pick-up anyone.
  • Please respect the “no parking” signs during designated student arrival and departure.
  • For loading and unloading items during drop-off/pick-up times use the school parking lot by the gym, or park in a legal parking area on the street.
  • Do not make U-turns near the school or turn around using a private driveway.
  • Do not block driveways, mail boxes or trash collection receptacles.
  • Obey the speed limit!
  • Obey school zone, cell phone laws; respect Idle Free Zone.
  • Be polite to other drivers and children.
  • Teach your children to respect our neighborhood’s private property.

 Relieve traffic congestion.

  • Students that live nearby should walk or ride bikes.
  • Park near the school and walk the rest of the way.
  • Ride share or ride the school bus where provided or use public transportation.
  • Leave a few minutes early to allow plenty of time before drop-off and pick-up times. Give your children their money, school papers, and hugs and kisses before they get to school.

Let’s make drop-off and pick-up a safe experience!

Drop a block and walk!

Parents, please help reduce traffic along Wynona and Romeria by dropping off and picking up your child one to two blocks out along a crossing guard route.  Thank you!

Click HERE for a map!