WAAG for Thursday March 6, 2014

This Week’s Calendar

Thursday, March 6, 2014 
• CATCH Family Fun Fitness Night, 4 - 6 pm, Cafeteria 
• Choir Parent Meeting, 6 - 8 pm, Choir Room 
• Boys vs. Girls Soccer Game, 3:45 pm, Lamar Soccer Field’ 

Saturday, March 8 - Sunday, March 16, 2014 
• Spring Break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Tuesday, March 11 - Sunday March 16, 2014 
• Jazz Factory to Disney World 


In This Issue 

• Parent Survey 
• STAAR Test Dates 
• CATCH Fun Fitness Night 
• Check Out Our New Scottie Dog FAVICON! 
• Social and Emotional Learning on Lamar Campus 
• Scottie Store Donations 
• Gale eBooks Available for Lamar Students and Parents 
• Save Your Box Tops For Our Science Department Fundraiser! 
• PTA Positions For 2014-2015 School Year 
• The Communities In Schools Program at Lamar is Seeking Donations 


Lamar Parents & Families: 
As the District continues to strive for excellence in preparing our students for academic success, we encourage parents to offer feedback on the 2013-14 school year by completing the AISD Parent Survey .Your opinions are important and will be taken into consideration as we strive to serve our students better. 

Your student was given the scan form survey at school this week. Please complete the survey and have your student return the survey to the office. 

If you do not wish to complete the scan form survey, you may take the survey online at the AISD website (www.austinisd.org). The survey is on the AISD website in three languages (English, Spanish, and Vietnamese). You can access the surveys by going to AISD’s main web page (www.austinisd.org) and looking in the “Quicklinks” drop-down menu for Parent Survey, or going to the Parents/Guardians web page link (http://www.austinisd.org/parents). 

Parents should only complete the survey in one form…either the scan form or the online version. Extra scan forms can be found in the Lamar Office. All surveys need to be completed by Friday, March 28, 2014. 

Thanks for your input and feedback. 


Please mark these dates on your calendar 

Important Testing Dates 
STAAR Writing 
7th gr.—April 1-2, 2014 
STAAR Reading 
6th & 7th gr.—April 23, 2014 
8th gr.—April 2, 2014 
6th & 7th gr.—April 22, 2014 
8th gr.—April 1, 2014 
STAAR Social Studies 
8th gr.—April 22, 2014 
STAAR Science 
8th gr.—April 23, 2014 
STAAR EOC Algebra I & Geometry 
May 5-8, 2014 

Please mark these dates on your calendar. **Please note: During testing weeks, Counselors’ time is extremely limited. They are unavailable for drop-in visits. 


Date: March 6, 2014 
Time: 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm 
Location: Lamar Gym/Track 
Please join for the Lamar CATCH Fun Fitness Night! CATCH is a Coordinate Approach to Child Health school health program designed to promote physical activity, healthy food choices and the prevention of tobacco use in children. 
Students and families are invited to a very fun fitness night! Play soccer, badminton, volleyball, basketball, football, walk/run the track stations and more! The events begin in the gym. 
Enjoy the healthy fruit and water provided along with some fun active exercise! 
Prizes will be given away towards the end of the event. Bring the family, have some fun! 
The CATCH team 


What’s a Favicon? I’m glad you asked: a FAVICON is the little icon that comes up in the Bookmarks Bar or Tab of a search engine. Lamar now has a scottie dog favicon (remember it used to be a grey box?) How neat is that?! Thanks to Virginia Rothenflue for getting that set up! on top of a wonderful new website! 


Lamar Middle School is in its second year of implementing Social and Emotional Learning. Our Social Studies teacher, Ms. Susan Serota, has been visiting all classes and presenting focused lessons so that every student on campus can learn the foundational skills for life effectiveness. The lesson topics, based on the five SEL competencies, have included empathy and communication; collaborating in groups; bystander power; and emotion management. Our commUNITY committee has also sponsored our No Place for Hate activities, and this year students have participated in Link it Up Lamar, Spirit of Respect week, and soon will participate in our Words Matter writing contest. To learn more about Social and Emotional Learning in AISD and for dates on upcoming parent workshops, please visithttp://www.austinisd.org/academics/sel! 
Submitted by: 
Dorothy Winburne, Lamar SEL Facilitator 
Galadriel Friese, SEL Specialist for McCallum Vertical Team 


Spring cleaning?? Bring those unwanted and unused items to the Scottie Store. We can use donations of teen magazines, gaming magazines, mechanical pencils, highlighters, iTunes cards, Amy’s ice cream $1 off coupons, jewelry, footballs, soccer balls, and frisbees. 
Want a low commitment volunteer opportunity? Then volunteer to help in the Scottie Store on Thursdays during lunch. We are open from about11:30am to 2pm. Contact Alicia Remaley at amremaley@gmail.com if interested. 

You can leave things in the library....just mark it with Scottie Store and Ms Clark will get them to us. 


Our wonderful Dept. of Library Media Services has purchased a core collection of reference eBooks from the Gale Group, a company I have used in the past to purchase reference materials for the Lamar library. These books can be accessed both at school AND at home if there is internet access or on any device with a browser. These eBooks contain the equivalent of 200+ volumes of print material. They “don’t take up space, weigh nothing, don’t have to be shelved (:o)), and don’t cost Lamar anything-plus, they’re low-fat, gluten-free, and contain no artificial preservatives! (Shannon Pearce). DO NOT post the password on a public website or share it with anyone who is not a student, staff-member, or parent at Lamar. The license agreement with Gale provides unlimited usage for the Lamar campus. To access this database the URL is as follows: 
Password: aust_log OR austin2 
If you have any questions, you can call Leilani Clark at 512.841.0113. 


We have earned over $2000 in the past 3 years for science materials! But we need everyone’s help to continue our momentum! 
How can you help?  Collect Box Tops! 
Turn them into our Science Teachers OR place them in the Box Top Bin found in the front hallway. Remember to include student’s name on the envelope. Top 3 contributors receive gift cards. 

Students turning in over 50 are entered into 4 drawings for Amy’s Ice Cream Vouchers! 

Contest Deadline: May 13

Start clipping! 


Scottie Parents - WE NEED YOU! 

We are forming our nominating committee for PTA positions for our 2014-2015 school year. If you would like to serve on this committee, are interested in being on the PTA Board or serving as a Chair, please email Jodi Leach at Jodi.leach@gmail.com 

The Communities In Schools program at Lamar is seeking donations to support our student services (listed below). If you are interested in donating, please contact the CIS office at (512) 414-4671 or e-mail Karen McGarity, CIS Program Manager at kmcgarity@ciscentraltexas.org. Donations can also be dropped off at the main office attn: CIS. Be sure to include your name so we can send you a special note of appreciation! With the support of our community, local businesses and parents....the CIS program is able to extend valuable support to students in need. We appreciate your consideration! Donations needed: Spiral notebooks, pocket folders, dividers, planners. Any non-perishable snacks such as: granola bars, fruit snacks, crackers sandwiches, etc. Cups. 

Karen McGarity, MPS, LPC-AT, ATR-BC 
Communities In Schools of Central Texas 
Lamar Middle School 
office: (512) 414-4671 

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