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Winter Break 
Saturday, December 21, 2013 - Monday, January 6, 2014 

Happy Holidays!!! 

Classes resume Tuesday, January 7. It will be an A Day. 

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• Update from the School Nurse 
• We Are Girls Spring Break Camp 
• Last Minute Christmas Gifts (Band Fundraiser) 


Influenza Update and Recommendations from Student Health Services 

Influenza-Like Illness (fever with upper respiratory illness symptoms) is trending upward in the district. 

Student Health Services Recommendations: 
- Wash your hands frequently 
- Cough Hygiene - Why Don’t We Do It In Our Sleeves?  See video 
- Stay home when you’re sick 
- Keep your children home from school when they’re sick 
- Medication safety: be cautious of medications with multiple drugs in them (e.g., Nyquil, anything ‘cough and cold’) – this way you won’t accidentally double dose on acetaminophen, decongestants, or other ingredients 
- Get your flu shot 
- Get flu shots for your children and other loved ones 

Fever Care Information: 
- Students with temperatures greater than 100.0 must be picked up from school. 
- Students must fever free, without use of fever reducing medication, for 24 hours before returning to school. 
- DO NOT give fever-reducing medication in the morning and send your child to school. They may still be ill, even if their temperature is down, and continue to spread germs. 

- Ibuprofen (such as Motrin® or Advil ®) or acetaminophen (Tylenol®) works well to bring fever down. Generic works just as well. 
- Give medication according to package directions or doctor’s order—re-check the temperature in 2 hours to be sure medication working. 
- Medications come in different strengths. Be sure you are using the correct strength before giving it to your child. 
- NEVER give aspirin unless prescribed by the doctor. 

Points to Remember: 
- Use a thermometer to check the temperature; feeling the forehead is not accurate. 
- A complaint of being cold or having chills is common; use lighter clothing or covers, but avoid overdressing or heavy blankets. 
- Fever causes a body to lose fluids, so it is important to drink plenty of non-caffeinated fluids. 
- Rest is important to conserve energy for fighting the infection 
- Re-check the temperature 6 hours after giving medication, or early in the morning. 

When to call the Doctor: 
- If the fever lasts longer that 2 days 
- Rises above that 103.° F 
- If the fever does not respond to medication 
- Complaints of pain anywhere: head, neck, ears, throat etc. 
- Difficulty breathing 
- Difficult to awaken

Thank you, 
Katie Faehl, MSN, BSN, RN 
Lamar Middle School 
School Nurse 
(512) 414-4505 


Join us for the We Are Girls Spring Break Camp! 

For girls in grades 4-6 

Session 1 – March 10th and 11th 
Session 2 – March 12th and 13th 

Looking for something inspirational for spring break? At GENaustin’s two day spring break camp girls have fun, make new friends, and learn new ways to handle the tough stuff. This year we will focus on the ups and downs of friendships. Girls will leave camp feeling more confident and with new skills to build strong friendships. Each session is $100 (girls can only attend one session). 

Register today! 
Bernadette Dodd, M. Ed. 
6th Grade Counselor 
Lamar Middle School 
Tel: (512) 414-4498 

Register here: 


A Lamar parent and Allandale resident, Farid Rebeiz, through his locally owned companies Corners of Time and Time Olive Oil, has generously donated a selection of very tasty olive oils and condiments to be used as an end of season fundraiser for the Lamar band program. 

These gift boxes are being sold by the band booster club with a "2 for the price of 1" special and would make great secret pal gifts!! Or holiday gifts for anyone else. All orders placed by 1pm tomorrow will be delivered to Lamar (for your pick up or distribution to teachers) on Friday morning. There are several distribution dates and this fundraiser will actually run through January 31, 2014.  For any questions, email Monica Poss at monicaposs@gmail.com.

Check out the product and make orders here: http://lamarband.weebly.com/

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