Welcome to the new 2018-2019 PTA Officers!

President - Heather Zacharias - hazacharias@me.com

Vice President - Annie Reeves - welby66@hotmail.com

Treasurer - Jenny White - jxburke@gmail.com

Secretary - Melanie Haupt - mkhaupt@gmail.com

Membership - Jennifer Husted - jmhusted@sbcglobal.net

Parliamentarian - Todd Gernert - toddgernert@gmail.com

T-Shirt Sales - Rebecca Waldrop - lamartees@gmail.com

Fence Signs - Kim Vaughan - lamarfencesign@gmail.com

CAC Representative - Kerren Campa - kerren@mygrande.net


LamarFest - 

Open House Coordinator

Office Volunteer Coordinator - 

Staff Appreciation - 

Scottie Store - 

Feeder School Liasion - 

Office Volunteer Coordinator - 

Arts in Education - 


Thank you!

Many thanks to all of our current PTA board members for their contribution to the community. Every hour spent, every dollar raised has made a huge difference in our students' lives. Your ongoing support has been noticed and appreciated.