The Fabulous Lamar T-Shirt

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The Fabulous Lamar T-Shirt


Shirts are $12.00 and say "Lamar Austin Texas" in an emblem on the front, and have a Scottie on the back, in purple on gray & in white on the purple or black shirts. 

A handful of Last Year shirts (last year's awesome shirts) are available for $10.00

Sizing: Unisex sizing is normal. Ladies sizing runs 2 sizes small, so order up 2 sizes larger than your normal ladies size. Youth sizes are very small--think "little brother" & "little sister" shirts. Get them for the siblings!

NOTE: Limited sizes/colors remaining. If you don't see what you want, then they are sold out.  If there is a lot of demand for other sizes/colors, additional orders may be placed. email if you are not finding a size; additional orders may be considered.

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Last year Tees are sold for $10. A handful of colors and sizes will be available for sale at Back to School Night.

T shirts will be delivered to the front office at Lamar.