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Want to be on the Fundraising Team?

Interested in getting involved? Join the Lamar Fundraising Committee! It’s a great way to meet other parents while helping raise money for important programs that benefit our kids, teachers and school.

Contact: Stacy Gunkel, or Carlene Wegmann Todd, to learn more.

Target - Take Charge of Education

Together, with Target Stores there’s an easy way to help raise money for our school—for educational assembly programs, transportation for off site educational endeavors, new technology, teaching materials and anything else that can use extra funding! It’s called Take Charge of Education, and it’s helping our school right now.  Download details.

Randalls - Good Neighbor Program

Randall’s Good Neighbor Program donates 1% of any purchases made by program participants.  So easy! A great, easy way to help support the programs that make Lamar a fabulous school. Please fill out this form and return!

Amazon Kicks Back up to 8% to the Lamar PTA!

Shop at and give back to Lamar at the same time!

Just use our unique Amazon School Rewards link every time you shop:

We earn 4-8% of all purchases made. Be sure to pass it on to your friends and family, even your business can use it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can use this link? 
A:  EVERYONE! Parents, grandparents, friends, even a business can use the program. Feel free to forward this email accordingly. Thank you!

Q: Will Lamar PTA earn school rewards for Amazon Gift Card purchases?
A: YES! Almost all Amazon stores are included in the program, including Gift Card purchases, Books, the Kindle store, Amazon Video on Demand, Electronics, Video Games, Apparel, Computers, Software, DVD, Gourmet Food, Grocery, Toys & Games, and many more.

Q: Does it work in the Kindle Store?
A: Indeed! Kindle e-reader downloads are included as well. Just go to our website first, then click the link.

Q: When I click through the link, will I see anything referring to Lamar?
A: Unfortunately, no. The only indicator is the customized url when you are shopping, but nothing appears on your payment information. Behind the scenes, Amazon will know that you clicked our link, and will give us credit for any items shipped.

Q: Will you see what I ordered from Amazon?
A: No way! We don’t have any visibility into who orders, or what is ordered, all of that is completely confidential. We just get a flat fee back at the end of every month based on the total.

Just make sure to use our link:  Thank you again for your support of the Lamar PTA!