2015-2016 Lamar Fine Arts Academy Handbook and Application - application window closed December 12, 2014.    Please check back here October 1, 2015 for the 2016-2017 Lamar Fine Arts Academy Handbook and Application.

The Fine Arts Academy (FAA) at Lamar Middle School is pleased to provide an inspiring and robust program for students across Austin for the purpose of pursuing an accelerated arts curriculum as fine arts majors.  Lamar FAA offers its students both meaningful and enriching opportunities in the areas of visual arts, dance, band, orchestra, choral music, drama, classical guitar, piano, digital arts and media, as well as our nationally recognized Lamar Jazz Band.  Lamar FAA attracts a vastly diverse student body from across the city, including students from private, charter and parochial schools.  Additionally, as the primary feeder school for McCallum High School and Fine Arts Academy, we are strongly aligned with McCallum's fine arts programs.  Lamar FAA is Austin's top choice for middle school fine arts, as we strive to provide every student with a fulfilling and all encompassing middle school experience that nurtures the whole child.  In short, our academic programs are comprehensive and rigorous, our athletic programs are dynamic, our parent and community involvement is flourishing, and most importantly, our student body is happy.  We are Lamar!

Important Dates and Deadlines for the 2015-2016 school year

- October 1, 2014 - Application can be downloaded through Lamar's website

- December 6, 2014 - LMS FAA application/audition workshop - 10 am - 12 pm in the Lamar cafeteria.

- December 11, 2014 - Lamar Open House: 8:30 am - 11:00 am (You may want to use this opportunity to visit Lamar in lieu of shadowing.  Shadowing will be limited this year.)

- December 12, 2014 - deadline for submitting LMS FAA application (including essay, copies of report card, standardized test results - teacher recommendations are due no later than January 17, 2015.

- January 5, 2015 - LMS FAA will send a letter through email to applicants indicating audition time (students may audition for ONE strand only).

- January 17, 2015 - Auditions at Lamar (9am - 3 pm) beginning in the Lamar cafeteria.

- January 17, 2015 - Deadline for teacher recommendations.

- January 30, 2015 - qualified students will be notified via email of shadowing.

- February 2015 (except February 16 - February 20) - shadowing for qualifying audition students

- March 6, 2015 - letters sent out via email notifying students selected for admittance.

- March 27, 2015 - deadline for students to let LMS FAA know of acceptance of admittance.


Click here to learn more about the Lamar Fine Arts Academy  (en Español).  LFFA is aligning its curriculum closely with McCallum High School and McCallum Fine Arts Academy.  

Click here for a list of FAQs about Lamar Fine Arts Academy

Click here for a powerpoint presentation about Lamar and the Fine Arts Academy.

The Fine Arts Academy builds upon the already outstanding arts program present at Lamar. Our award-winning Bands, Choirs, Orchestras, Classical Guitar Ensemble, Theatre Troup and Visual Arts programs are excited and ready for the challenges and opportunities ahead.  In the 2014-2015 school year, we have added Digital Arts and Media as a strand in the Academy.

Lamar provides a program for students to pursue an accelerated arts curriculum in middle school. By creating a middle school with a fine arts focus for Austin, the Academy will fill an important role in our city. The FAA will feature partnerships with arts organizations and artists drawn from the internationally recognized Austin arts community, McCallum High School and the University of Texas at Austin.

View the current 2014-2015 handbook.  


Forms for academy students:

Production Attendance Form (verification of attendance to performances)



Ingrid McDonald, Lamar Fine Arts Academy Coordinator
Tel: (512) 841-2180