Lamar's Classical Guitar is the flagship middle school guitar program in AISD.   

We have three classical guitar classes at Lamar:  Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Guitar. 

The Classical Guitar instructor is David Marsden.  Mr. Marsden has taught guitar for the past seven years. He received his Master's degree in Guitar from the San Francisco Conservatory where he studied with world renowned guitarists Sergio Assad and David Tanenbaum. Before coming to Lamar Mr. Marsden was faculty at the Orpheus Academy where he taught students using ideas from the Kodaly concept of music education. When not teaching, Mr. Marsden can sometimes be found playing classical guitar, performing jazz in the Austin area or composing new music for the guitar.   Mr. Marsden is also the Piano and Music Theory teacher at Lamar.

Check out his videos at or on Youtube.  Here's the latest video featuring 15 Lamar guitar students performing the Vivaldi concerto with international recording artist Pepe Romero.