2017 – 2018 Lamar CAC Meeting Dates

Sept. 11th

Oct. 9th

Nov. 13th

Jan. 8th

Feb. 12th

Mar. 19th (after spring break)

Apr. 9th

May 14th


Meetings will be held in the Lamar Library 5:00 pm  
prior to the PTA Board Meeting

2017-2018 CAC Members

Principal - George Llewellyn

CAC President - Kerren Campa

Parent Representatives

Karen Dooley

Mary Rose

Lisa Kay Parker

Yvonne Taylor

Luz Suarez-Wallace

Amy Spiro

Reyes Rodriguez

Professional Staff Representatives

Glenna Smith

Lisa Leininger

Catherine Vouvray

Natalie Adams

Diana Kaz

Michelle Safford

Nicole Edward

Business Representative

Chip Sommerville

Classified Representative

Dennis Willenberg

Community Representative

David Kramer